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    The first three modules help you to consider and reflect whether university might be an option for you and what you know about it. There are a number of tasks to be completed with each module.

    The next three modules introduces the type of degree available and why gaining such a qualification may be worthwhile. There are again tasks to be completed although one module provides just information, but with the suggestion that you should explore independently the links to other on-line resources provided.

    The modules in this unit explain the different routes to study at university and provides information about fees and costs

    This part of the resource has fewer tasks that have to be completed, but rather encourages independent exploration of other online resources that are provided.

    The last three modules explains a little about what to expect at university and explores how they may differ from one to the other.

    This version of the Resource provides parents, guardians the opportunity to see what your students are engaging in,  whilst also providing you with the same information about the options, issues and opportunities that university study may present. It is hoped that using this Resource will promote a conversation on these topics and provide a chance to consider any possible further steps that need to be taken in preparing for future study and eventual work options. 

    You can complete the tasks if you wish, although they are designed for the child as a student to consider and complete, rather than from your perspective as a parent/guardian. Knowing what the tasks are gives you the opportunity to discuss with your child the range of issues requiring consideration regarding university study.